IBEW Local Union 68

Labor Day-2014

The longer, warmer days of Colorado’s summer inspire bursts of energy to get out and enjoy every moment of beautiful daylight — whether in the Rockies, the banks of a shimmering lake or just relaxing on the patio.

 Our traditional end of the season has come far too soon for most to enjoy all of our favorite summer pass times. The frequent afternoon showers that provide for cooler evenings and mornings are subtle reminders of the coming seasonal changes.

 This Labor Day, we ask all to renew their personal commitments to excellence in the workplace, maintaining retirement security for our members, participating in educational and job training opportunities, and defending our collective bargaining strength. Our personal mission should include a long term goal that supports expanding the middle class and rebuilding our communities.

 Thousands of Colorado workers reap the benefit of good jobs and the result is a higher standard of living for the working class. Lower-wage workers are joining together and seeking representation to secure the bargaining strength they need to improve their lives.

 Today, workers are choosing unions as a pathway to the middle class. These workers understand that there is value in our work and that they deserve the dignity and respect that is the fundamental basis of all human relationships. These workers choose to follow the traditions established by the founders of our great organization. We must strengthen our belief, that in order to improve conditions, working people need to come together in fairness, dignity and respect.

 We are just around the corner from midterm elections that will influence our ability to overcome adversaries to the American Dream. Realize now that this is one battle that we all face, a battle that can only be won with strong show of solidarity. We desperately need and encourage your active support whether it be on the ground, manning phone banks and especially voting for the candidates that share in our common beliefs.

 Labor Day remains the holiday that is devoted to the working men and women of this great nation. Workers across the country, many of them proud union members and their families will celebrate the contributions, which keep our nation strong. Remember the sacrifices of our founders, who organized their unions and how they went about improving their lives and the lives of millions of working Americans. Be as active as you are proud in the organization that built the middle class of this nation and created the most powerful economy in the world!