IBEW Local Union 68


IBEW Made Products

The IBEW’S International office maintains on its website, a searchable database of products made or assembled, and services provided, under a union contract by the IBEW’s Manufacturing Membership. Included are electrical and automotive components, appliances, computers, and other electronics, construction materials, tools and a whole lot more.

So now, when you’re in the market for such items, you can support your union brothers and sisters and those employees who maintain manufacturing operations in the U.S. and Canada.

Industry Standards

Our Brothers and Sisters in the electrical industry represent an example for construction workers across the country and around the world. We claim to be the most productive, highest skilled and best trained.

In order to live up to our claim, we must endeavor to maintain this high set of standards, and help others to attain them. The following goals are just part of an overall value system that we have established and will continue to promote, for the betterment of our industry and ourselves now, as we have for over a century.

  1. “Eight for eight,” being where you should be, doing the work you should be doing!”
  2. Use the proper tools for the job, maintaining and treating the employer’s tools as you treat your own.
  3. Be a safe employee, watching out for unsafe conditions and situations and informing supervisors and co-workers to avoid accidents. Being an alcohol and drug free worker.
  4. Promoting and representing our industry in a positive manner, thus helping to ensure the contractors and their customers will request us in the future.
  5. Listening to and carrying out work assignments efficiently, using tools and materials in a timely manner. Returning tools and materials to the proper areas for future use and to avoid redundant, costly re-orders and confusion.
  6. Respect for your Steward and Supervision, we are all members in the same Brotherhood.
  7. Through our quality of work, show the contractor and their customers that we are the most productive, highest skilled and best trained electrical workers they can employ.
  8. Have a sense of pride in your craftsmanship, and a positive attitude, both on and off the job.
  9. Honor the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.
  10. Upgrade your skills through “Upgrade Training”
  11. Attend your Membership Meetings and volunteer to help to further aid the activities and goals of your local and international union.

Labor Power

To see current referral information, please go to  Labor Power

What is a Union?

An organization of workers joined together for a common purpos, for mutual aid and protection, to engage in concerted activity and collective bargaining,to elevate their conditions of life and labor;an organization by which ordinary people do extraordinary things.

The I.B.E.W. represents thousands of workers in every kind of job in the Electrical Industry and these electrical workers have an amazingly wide range of skills. In the I.B.E.W. employees bargain along with many other workers to increase their mutual strength in gaining better wages, benefits and rights. We become stronger when we join together.

You have the right to form or join a union, guaranteed by the National Labor Relations Act, still, that does not mean it will be an easy task! All too many Companies will not readily want to see their employees exercise that right. Their reaction might be to threaten or intimidate the employees in their places of work. This is illegal, but all too often still is used to keep their employees from forming or joining unions.

It is very important to contact the I.B.E.W. before you begin any effort, that way we can help, with advice, guidance and other tools at our disposal. Any conversation between you and the I.B.E.W. is strictly confidential.

Organized Labor

Listed below are some of the things that “Organized Labor” has done for you and your family, even if you are not a union member.

Child Labor Laws
Occupational Safety and Health Act (O.S.H.A.)
Equal Rights Amendment
Unemployment Insurance
Woman’s Suffrage
Minimum Wage
The 40 Hour Work Week
Social Security Act
Prevailing Wage for Construction Workers
Workman Compensation Act
Labor Day

If you are union, or not, we feel that it is very important to inform you of the “Positive” contributions that Organized Labor has made to our every day life in the United States. Most of these came into Law before our time, and we take these things for granted. Our Great Grandfathers fought and sometimes died to get just a few basic rights for those of us who “Work for a Living”. Organized Labor has helped to build, and protect this Nation since the late 1700’s, and we are proud to be: Made in the USA