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January 31, 2017

Subject: IBEW Founders’ Scholarship 

Sisters and Brothers,

Annually, we are approached by members interested in furthering their educational opportunities and advancing their careers.  The IBEW Founders’ Scholarship honors those who had a dedicated role establishing and promoting the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The IBEW is once again pleased to offer its working members scholarships on a competitive basis. The awards are intended to provide financial assistance thru the educational path of our members while assuring the progress the electrical industry.  Applications are available on this website (under Resources/Forms) or on the IBEW website at:

Eligibility qualifications include IBEW membership in continuous good standing for four years preceding May 1, of the scholarship year in which they plan to apply.  Members that may have been on honorary withdrawal at any time during the aforementioned period are not eligible to participate.

Spouses or children of IBEW members are not eligible for the IBEW Founders’ Scholarship. Union Plus has a scholarship that is available for IBEW members, as well as their spouses and dependent children.  Additional information relating to those scholarship programs is available at the Union Plus website at:

LU 68 highly encourages all interested eligible members to participate in the IBEW Founders’ Scholarship Program.  Please share this information with other members.


Jim Mantele




Posted 1-31-17

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The Trustees of the National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF) and the National Employees Benefit Board have approved a temporary Return to Work Amendment to the Plan of Benefits for the NEBF that permits certain eligible retirees to return to covered and contributory employment for a period of time without a loss of pension benefits from the NEBF. Please read the following notice carefully as this amendment does not apply to all retirees or to all electrical employment.

As you are aware, the rules of the Plan generally provide for a suspension of benefits for a retiree who returns to employment in the electrical industry for forty (40) or more hours per month. This temporary Return to Work Amendment changes the suspension rules for certain eligible retirees. Following are the features of the amendment:

1. The temporary amendment is effective from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.

2. All normal and early retirees with a pension effective date of December 2016 or earlier will be permitted to return to covered and contributory employment only and will be permitted to work for up to 600 hours during the above period without a loss of NEBF benefits. This amendment applies only to the NEBF Plan. (In order to receive benefits from other funds it will depend on the rules of those funds.)

3. Once an individual has worked for 600 hours in covered and contributory employment during the term of the temporary amendment, the individual will no longer be able to take advantage of this amendment and the normal rules (permitting work in the electrical industry for less than forty (40) hours per month without a suspension of benefits) will apply.

4. Disability pensioners are not eligible (the existing rules applicable to disabled pensioners remain in effect).

5. Only retirees who return to NEBF covered and contributory employment will be able to take advantage of this amendment – this amendment will not apply to persons who work for covered employers where no NEBF contributions are required or to persons who work for non-covered employers in the electrical industry.


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2017 Code Books are available for $80

at the Apprenticeship


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Important ERTS Information

The Trustees of the IBEW Pacific Coast Pension Fund have decided to terminate participation in the Electrical Industry Pension Reciprocal Agreement.  This becomes effective for contributions paid on behalf of a participant on and after January 1, 2016.  As a result of this decision, the following changes will take effect for employment performed on and after the effective date:

1)  No contributions for work performed in the jurisdiction of the IBEW Pacific Coast Pension Fund will be transferred to another electrical industry plan; and

2)  No contributions for work performed in another electrical industry plan’s jurisdiction will be transferred to the IBEW Pacific Coast Pension Fund.

The IBEW Pacific Coast Pension Fund Office indicates that inside members working out of Local Union 76 in Tacoma, Washington, will be affected by this change.  However, there are other agreements along the Pacific Coast through Oregon and California (possibly LU’s 6, 46 and 48) that also participate in this plan, but the “Inside Wireman” classifications may not be affected. 

It is strongly suggested that Local Unions inform their members working in these areas, or planning on traveling to these areas, that any pension contributions made on their behalf will not be reciprocated to their Home Fund.  It is quite likely they will lose the benefit of any defined benefit contributions unless they manage to stay employed until vested in this plan which remains in critical status.

Therefore, be advised if you are presently working or plan to work in these jurisdictions, you should verify the reciprocity status with the specific Local Union.

Posted 12/30/15

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 Important Pension Notice

Pursuant to action taken by the Eighth District Pension Fund, Plan Participants may have your pension contribution reciprocated to your home local.  There are specific qualifications and a cautionary notification that should be carefully considered prior to redirecting the reciprocation of your funds.

Briefly, an established participant who is working in a jurisdiction that only provides a defined contribution plan (annuity), may elect to reciprocate the amount of the defined benefit (pension) consistent with the current home local Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Should a participant contemplate the reciprocal action, be reminded, the Plan must receive a minimum of 500 hours of contributions in a Plan Year to receive a partial credit.  Once funds are deposited on your behalf, they cannot be retrieved.

Should there be any questions, please contact Sandy Brown at the Fund Office at (303) 745-1539 or the Local Union.