The retirees meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 31st has been cancelled due to the weather.  We look forward to seeing you all at the November meeting - November 21st at the Wishbone.


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 Denver Area Labor Federation

2019 Municipal Election Endorsed Candidates

Arvada City Council At Large

Bob Fifer

Arvada City Council District 2

Lauren Simpson

Arvada Mayor

Harriet Hall

Aurora city council At-Large

Martha Lugo

Aurora City Council At-Large

Leanne Wheeler

Aurora City Council Ward 4

Juan Marcano

Aurora City Council Ward 5

Alison Coombs

Aurora City Council Ward 6

Bryan Lindstrom

Aurora Mayor

Omar Montgomery

Aurora Public Schools

Vicki Reinhard

Aurora School Board

Stephanie Mason

Commerce City At Large

Lucy Molina

Commerce City Council Ward 2

Jennifer Allen-Thomas

Commerce City Mayor

Steve Douglas

Commerce City Ward 4

Susan Noble

DPS At-Large

Tay Anderson

DPS District 5

Brad Laurvick

Englewood City Council At-Large

John Stone

Lakewood City Council Ward 1

Kyra deGruy

Lakewood City Council Ward 3

Henry Hollender

Lakewood Mayor

Adam Paul

Northglenn City Council Ward 2

Jay Jaramillo

Thornton City Council Ward 1

Jacque Phillips

Thornton City Council Ward 2

Julia Marvin

Thornton City Council Ward 3

Jessica Troy

Thornton City Council Ward 4

Curtis Kowalski

Thornton Mayor

Eric Montoya

Westminster City Council

Sheela Mahnke

Westminster City Council

Anita Seitz


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IBEW 68 Members

Residing in Denver County

Please vote by May 7th, 2019

IBEW 68 suggests you view the DALF Labor Endorsed Candidates List below

2019 Denver Municipal Endorsements

The Denver Area Labor Federation (DALF) represents over 90,000 working Coloradans, through over 114 affiliated unions. Our membership is diverse and includes everyone from teachers, firefighters and home care workers to electricians and aerospace workers.  We come together as the Denver Area Labor Federation because we believe in one simple idea: when working people stand together, we can create positive changes for everyone.

DALF votes to endorse candidates based on how they will impact not only our unions, but all working people in the Denver Area. We carefully consider how each candidate will help us fight for a more equal and secure economy where working people can build power, ensure economic justice for themselves and their families, and combat the influence of corporations and wealthy elites.

Voting is our chance as working people to support those who support us.  Who you vote for is your personal decision, but we hope that you will take DALF’s endorsements into consideration as you fill out your ballot. AS OF FEBRUARY 28, 2019, THE DENVER AREA LABOR FEDERATION HAS ENDORSED THE FOLLOWING CANDIDATES


City Council District #

Labor Endorsed Candidate

City Council District 1

Michael Somma

City Council District 3

Jamie Torres

City Council District 5

Mary Beth Susman

City Council District 6

Paul Kashmann

City Council District 7

Jolon Clark

City Council District 8

Patrick Thibault

City Council District 10

Christopher Hinds

City Council District 11

Stacie Gilmore

City Council At-Large: 2 seats so pick both candidates

Robin Kniech and Deborah Ortega


Timothy O’Brien

Clerk and Recorder

Paul Lopez


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Redistricting or Gerrymandering


Dear Sisters and Brothers:


All seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are up for election in three weeks.  The nonpartisan organization FairVote has found that only 10% of the 435 seats are competitive.  Why?  Because of unfair congressional map drawing known as redistricting or gerrymandering.


With your support, we can take important steps toward a fair system of representation.  This year is our chance to get the process out of the hands of those who have been successful at decimating worker protections, such as, Prevailing Wage laws and implementing policies that harm working families, such as Right to Worklaws.  Many of those who will be instrumental in the redistricting process are state-level representatives who will be elected this November.


IBEW 68 is providing you the links below for pertinent election information tools



This is an important nonpartisan topic.  Please educate yourself and assist with the grass roots effort.  If you have any questions please contact Local Union 68 Political Registrar Morgan Buchanan or Mary Broderick.


Jim Mantele

Business Manager




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Important ERTS Information

The Trustees of the IBEW Pacific Coast Pension Fund have decided to terminate participation in the Electrical Industry Pension Reciprocal Agreement.  This becomes effective for contributions paid on behalf of a participant on and after January 1, 2016.  As a result of this decision, the following changes will take effect for employment performed on and after the effective date:

1)  No contributions for work performed in the jurisdiction of the IBEW Pacific Coast Pension Fund will be transferred to another electrical industry plan; and

2)  No contributions for work performed in another electrical industry plan’s jurisdiction will be transferred to the IBEW Pacific Coast Pension Fund.

The IBEW Pacific Coast Pension Fund Office indicates that inside members working out of Local Union 76 in Tacoma, Washington, will be affected by this change.  However, there are other agreements along the Pacific Coast through Oregon and California (possibly LU’s 6, 46 and 48) that also participate in this plan, but the “Inside Wireman” classifications may not be affected. 

It is strongly suggested that Local Unions inform their members working in these areas, or planning on traveling to these areas, that any pension contributions made on their behalf will not be reciprocated to their Home Fund.  It is quite likely they will lose the benefit of any defined benefit contributions unless they manage to stay employed until vested in this plan which remains in critical status.

Therefore, be advised if you are presently working or plan to work in these jurisdictions, you should verify the reciprocity status with the specific Local Union.

Posted 12/30/15

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 Important Pension Notice

Pursuant to action taken by the Eighth District Pension Fund, Plan Participants may have your pension contribution reciprocated to your home local.  There are specific qualifications and a cautionary notification that should be carefully considered prior to redirecting the reciprocation of your funds.

Briefly, an established participant who is working in a jurisdiction that only provides a defined contribution plan (annuity), may elect to reciprocate the amount of the defined benefit (pension) consistent with the current home local Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Should a participant contemplate the reciprocal action, be reminded, the Plan must receive a minimum of 500 hours of contributions in a Plan Year to receive a partial credit.  Once funds are deposited on your behalf, they cannot be retrieved.

Should there be any questions, please contact Sandy Brown at the Fund Office at (303) 745-1539 or the Local Union.